Opening first floor with 6 unique labs in Ede in 2021.

100 days FREE trial





24/7/365 Open

Monday - Sunday



Newtonstraat 5, 6716 BK Ede, The Netherlands.



Impact 85/87, 6921 RZ Duiven, The Netherlands.


LABNEST is a unique initiative that offers private and personal Labs (office / workspaces) to the upcoming generation of creators.  Equipped with all the necessary facilities to work optimally and offers these for free; on a no-obligation basis for a trial period of 100 days, for the future generation of ambitious, up-and-coming, driven, talented creators, visionaries, pioneers, startups and starting professionals. A unique initiative aimed at the further development of everyone's company with the aim of giving the future generation of makers the space, opportunity and time to further develop their company and to prepare it for the upcoming market. LABNEST also provides the space for interdisciplinary collaboration, drawing on each other's unique ability and expertise. Through the LABNEST initiative; A Nest / cluster / collective of mutual Labs that together will form a “Nestwork”. Leading to innovation by means of cross-pollination on work floor through mutual synergy and symbiosis.


© founded in 2020 by Valerie van Zuijlen (26, creator).


Fully equipped with all comforts: furnished with minimalist futuristic design, high speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, 24/7 access and all necessary facilities (sanitary facilities, kitchen) to be able to work on your own vision and future without any worries. For a non-binding period of 100 days (can be canceled week on week). In addition to its own Lab, LABNEST also offers a meeting room as a cross-Lab (XLAB) for brainstorming sessions between the mutual Labs. Also a Micro Cinema (NESTV) for screening of premieres. All this with the mission to give up-and-coming, starting, ambitious, passionate and talented creators the opportunity to develop further in a professional environment, outside their own home / living space. With the future potential for generating a mutual in-house Network, by being part of LABNEST , as a completely non-binding member and thus functioning as a synergy and collective business building in the future in which different versatile visions hold offices, exchange knowledge and work to the future.


LABNEST currently has two locations with unique workspaces in central Netherlands; Ede & Arnhem.

The location in Ede features a unique architectural building made of glass, lying next to the A12 and therefore easily accessible from the highway. There is parking where you can park for free as a member. There is also room for the bicycle / scooter / quad / electric scooter. It is also close to the train and bus station in Ede-Wageningen.



Open 24/7.


The building is fully secured.


Camera Security.


Each Lab Partner is provided with uniquely verified keys ( LABNEST ID).


Corona proof


Hygiene upon entry.


Weekly cleaning service.



15.5m2 per Lab.


1-2 persons max per Lab.

Possibility of doubling Lab space.


Can be arranged entirely according to your own wishes.


Currently equipped with standard equipment:

- Office chairs (1/2)

- Large desk

- Closet


Own postbox.




Common Kitchen.


XLAB (Cross-Lab) is the common meetingroom (on reservation).


NESTV is the micro cinema & projection room


Own parking space & bicycle shed


Access to LABNEST 
Helipoort (Arnhem)

Trial period

No obligation and free trial period.


Trial period of 100 days.


Can be canceled weekly.


Extension possible in consultation.


Brainstorm sessions.

Once a week "Lab Lunch & Spar session" in XLAB


LABNEST Network events, launches & premieres.



In recent months, when Covid-19 has entered personal spaces such as households, schools, shops and living environments, has led to the reduction of the actual space to work freely and remotely. LABNEST was created by acquiring vacant office spaces and literally transforming them into more space by offering them to those who need more space.


The LABNEST business model is aimed at the further development of the future generation of makers, by offering them the space and time (no-obligation trial period of 100 days) to fully prepare themselves for the future on the Dutch market and beyond. LABNEST is therefore committed to the future generation and hopes by creating space for the future, and introducing it through convergence and thus creating a mutual “Neswork” with similar interests focused on innovation and the future.

Art / Media / Design / Fashion / Food / Tech / Entertainment / Development / Science / Health / Environment / Business / LAB / Space / Office / Pop-up / Network / Brainstorm / Collaboration / Cross-fertilization / Interdisciplinary / Synergy / Symbiosis / Future

Labnest dak.jpg


Opening in 2021


Newtonstraat 5, 6716 BK Ede, The Netherlands.


First floor


6 LABS x 15.5m2

* Logistic prime location located on an industrial estate, along the A12 motorway and close to train and bus station Ede / Wageningen

Micro Cinema 

Opening in 2021


Newtonstraat 5, 6716 BK Ede, The Netherlands.


First floor


6 LABS x 15.5m2





Impact 85/87, 6921 RZ Duiven, The Netherlands.


Second floor


12 LABS x 15,5m2

* Logistic prime location located on an industrial estate, along the A12 highway.


* Unique access to own Heliport (Duiven / Arnhem)


Heliport LABNEST Arnhem

N 51 ° 57.975 E 006 ° 00.460

Available for landing



Do you want to be part of LABNEST and are you or your future company looking for your own Lab (office / workspace) to further develop, brainstorm, work, meet. For a no-obligation trial period of 6 months (can be canceled week on weekly basis) with the potential for extension. LABNEST strongly encourages a wide range and diverse perspectives for possible mutual collaborations. From art, design, media, science, sports, to education and well-being. In order to learn from and inspire each other by boosting everyone's own unique knowledge and abilities by means of different spectrums. An interdisciplinary ultimate form of synergy, cross-pollination and symbiosis.


LABNEST recognizes the intrinsic partnership with its valued Lab Partners and Sponsors. These are based on mutual interest and ambition to invest together in the future generation of new makers and thus offer them the opportunity to further develop the future. In order to realize this future initiative, LABNEST is looking for sponsors. Do you want to invest together with LABNEST in the stimulation and further development of the future generation of makers and also be part of our “Nestwork”?


Are you or your future company looking for your own Lab or more workspace in the form of an office, studio, workshop, pop-up space, or do you want to invest in the future of LABNEST as a Sponsor, or in another future way? And not to forget being part of the future “Nestwork”. What are you waiting for? Contact LABNEST directly using the form below or call (NL) +31(0)653594639.

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